Facility Development

Wellness Has Become a Critical Aspect of Universal Culture

Physical activity helps improve health and reduce the risk of many diseases such as cancer, heart disease and type-2 diabetes, which are becoming increasingly common these days. The state of the mind is very important towards the thought mechanism that drives our physical body experiences. The mind works with the brain and the soul, and as such determines how the body responds. This feeds directly into wellness, being in a good state of health, which drives us to become happier and more effective people individually and as a community.

The Foreshore School recognises this as critical, and in line with our vision to help children stand out amongst their peers globally and surpass expectations, it has become imperative to provide a physical facility that would help enhance all that the school does to develop the total child. Looking beyond this, we seek to reach out to the community and encourage a lifestyle that holds wellness as paramount.
As part of our continued growth strategy and to meet local market demands and international standards, TFS desires to expand its facility to accommodate more up to date infrastructure including a modern sports facility.

The Proposed Sports Facility Includes The Following Key Features

1 4 – Lane Standard Junior Olympics Swimming Pool
Length: 25m | Breadth: 8.5m
2 Multigame Court (basketball, netball, lawn tennis, etc.)
Length: 22.5m | Breadth: 13m
3 Standard Junior Football and Athletics Field
Length: 22.5m | Breadth: 13m
4 Modern Children's Play Area
Length: 10m | Breadth: 9m

3D Architectural View

Football and Athletics Field
Standard Junior Football And Athletics Field

Swimming Pool and Play Ground
4 – Lane Standard Junior Olympics Swimming Pool

Football Field
Fans Stand Area

Football And Athletics Field
Vertical View Of Football And Athletic Field

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